Casting Associate Tessa Faye reflects on Dog Sees God Auditions on Dec. 9 - 10 and interviews an unsuspecting actor about the role they went out for.  
CB's Sister, Sam Morales walks you through all the reasons why you should have already bought your ticket to Dog Sees God!
Van, Andrew O'Shanick in the middle of cat sitting lays out what drew him to Dog Sees God and why you should come see it.
Matt, Haulston Mann gets straight to what makes Dog Sees God such a great play while working out at the gym, prepping for his role.
Beethoven, Levin Valayil shares with you the reason that this show will and does resonate with so many people. He also gives you a taste of his piano skills. Have a Listen.
Marcy, Autumn Guzzardi is on a mission to find CB (Charlie Brown) a Christmas, but not before she takes you on an adventure through Nashville.
Tricia, Genvieve Johnson could not say it any better as to why you, the audience, are just going to fall in love with these characters. We promise.
Van's Sister, Danielle Sue Jordan tells you every reason why you should watch this show over doing anything else.
Male Swing/Fight Captain Joe Marx will take you through all the different issues this show covers, including existentialism ... Yeah that is a big word.
Female Swing Chelsea Stavis talks about why when she first read the script for Dog Sees God she had to put it down and couldn't finish because of it's impact. I'll let her say the rest. 

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