February 5, 2018

Do You Have A Famous Dad? Well, Read to Find Out Who Guzzardi’s Is

While Autumn Guzzardi is taken and married, my interview with her was very reminiscent of a first date – getting to ask and find out all the things that make Guzzardi who she is – with the additional fun facts that make a first date spark and lead to a second. So, I embark on telling you 25 things you may not know about Guzzardi, who most recently wrapped up the pre-Broadway Tour for the new Jimmy Buffet musical, Road to Margaritaville, which lands on Broadway in early 2018. 


So, I sat down to talk with Guzzardi,

who is a true Georgia Peach, right

before she jumped on a plane for

New York to begin rehearsals for

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a

Teenage Blockhead. But speaking

of first dates from earlier, no better

topic to start off on than first kisses.


“I think the closest thing to magic

is a first kiss,” Guzzardi said. “I just

think that if there is anything that

is unexplainable, but that is

awesome and magical that we

experience on this planet, it has

got to be a first kiss.”


You might be thinking or wondering

just what is Guzzardi’s style. Have

no fear, we covered that too, along

with finding out that nothing gets

done for Guzzardi until she has had

her coffee.


“High heels please,” Guzzardi

laughed. “Let’s just say that I own

a few pairs of heels and I will leave

it at that.”


Pressing her further, I wanted to

find out just what the heels said

about her at any given moment, while also learning that as a teenager she had Lenny Kravitz and Prince posters hanging in her room as side fact to her heel obsession.


“I just love wearing heels and how they make me feel,” Guzzardi continued. “I would say I have at least 15 pairs. And if I was going to wear a pair of heels right now, it would have to be my black patent leather pumps. They are about 4 inches high, stilettos, and they showcase my confidence and the new tattoo that I just got on my foot.”


Guzzardi also admitted that she has three nicknames – Ertum, Miss Mouse and Peaches – but since she volunteered the information about her tattoo, I thought it only right to inquire further about that.


“I got a tattoo of a humming bird with a galaxy inside of the wings,” Guzzardi revealed. “Instead of the traditional wings, they are filled in with a galaxy that has stars throughout. There are a few meanings it carries for me. As a dancer and performer, it reminds me that my feet are my wings. It is also a reminder that one of the smallest creatures on earth is also one of the strongest. The humming bird overcomes such huge obstacles despite its size. If this sweet little humming bird can do it, then so can I. And the galaxy stands for the idea that the possibilities are endless.”


I have to admit, there is nothing better than a piece of art, whether it’s on your body or the wall, that has a meaning that strikes a chord for such a universal hope.


Guzzardi, who is a Vegan and certainly has a sense of style, also has no qualms about getting dirty in the kitchen. This could be the reason that at night, when she can’t sleep, instead of counting sheep she scrolls through Pinterest to look at recipes, art and shoes – all of which are no surprise at this point.


“I love to cook and bake while listening to Frank Sinatra,” Guzzardi said with excitement. She also pointed out that hard rock is her workout music of choice, and classic rock is just for relaxing around the house.


“My obsession started with listening to an iTunes radio station called Martini in the Morning,” Guzzardi said as she stood in her kitchen. “It was all Frank Sinatra and his era of music. So, I just loved turning it on, tossing on my apron and whipping up something fun.”


Guzzardi admits that she specializes in pies but has a real passion for trying new dishes – she also is a big supporter of having dessert first.


It is also worth noting that before our interview, Guzzardi had whipped up a new recipe off Pinterest of Acorn Squash stuffed with quinoa, dried cranberries and onions. Trust me, it looked delicious. Actually, don’t trust me, we attached a picture for your reference. We also got a chance to meet her dog, Betty, outfitted perfectly with white paws (gloves) to relate her to her name sake as a little ‘betty.’


“As far as cooking goes, sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes I won’t make it again,” Guzzardi admitted under a laugh. “But I just love trying new things.”


Guzzardi also loves maps and is always down for a road trip, including having traveled cross country 4 times. But, it was her next fact that she can be known for that made her all the more endearing and human.

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Guzzardi standing in front of one of the many Nashville, Tenn., murals located around the city. Nashville is home for Guzzardi when she is not in New York or traveling with a show.

“I have to admit, I am known for a good Irish Goodbye,” Guzzardi said. “It is when you are at a gathering and you have stayed as long as you want to, but you don’t really want to go around and say goodbye because that will keep you there even longer. So, you say you are going to go to the bathroom, and then you just sneak out so nobody sees you leave.”


Now I think it is important to note that Guzzardi said all that through a smile and a laugh, giving away that she doesn’t necessarily condone that it’s the right way to leave a party, but also just admitting that she is human and can be a culprit of the act more often than not. As far as her being human, that also entails just needing ice cream and dark chocolate every now and then. 


“One of my favorite books is The Alchemist,” Guzzardi said as I directed the conversation to my next question. “The first time I read it, I was 16 and a teenager trying to find myself and choosing my path. The Alchemist was something that certainly spoke to my spirit and where I was then. But then I read it again as an adult and could sort of apply the same things. I liked the aspect of the omens in the book. I feel like in life we have a lot of signs and things that are directing our path, and they are not the most obvious things either. So, if you are in tune spiritually and open on a different plane, you can recognize the omens and signs that are there to guide us.”


As far as her guides, she also admits she can be one to fall hard and fall fast when

it comes to love, a trait that pairs so well with her belief that people can surprise

you in the best of ways –you just have to give them a chance to.


Finding out that she is a huge fan of a sweaty, booty-kicking workout, is always

up for an adventure, loves girl’s nights and dressing room giggles, I now found

myself anxious to get to her famous dad story.


“So, my mom dated Jimmy Page back in the day,” Guzzardi started – yes the same

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. “I will admit now, it was way before I was born and

there is no chance that he is my father. But sometimes when I hear Whole Lotta

Love, I pretend I am their love child.”


So maybe I stretched the truth a bit on the famous dad headline, but even a

journalist can dream – we know Guzzardi does.


As for her real dad, Guzzardi shared that he displayed his love through an act

that she still remembers today.


“My Dad used to bring me flowers and gingerbread man cookies randomly at

school,” Guzzardi said through a grin. “Just cause.”

So for a girl who feels God made her blonde at heart, she certainly has an array

of traits that not only make her unique, but a full package of an actress and a

human being. We do hope that you come to see the former in her last weekend of performances, as she plays the role of Marcy in Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead in its final weekend of performances February 9-11 at Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre, located at 357 West 36th, #202, New York, NY, 10018. Tickets are on sale for $18 at www.BrownPaperTickets.com, and the show will last 90 minutes with no intermission. 

A sample of the Pinterest Acorn squash recipe Guzzardi whipped up before our interview.